Community Manager

Our platform for managing and optimising Energy Communities

A community manager and so much more. With the power of FLEXO at it's core, manage communities and optimise assets at a household, community or grid level.

Apartment block for smart energy community management

The platform

Our platform makes it easy for companies to manage their energy communities, whether it be one or thousands.

Take control of your data with dashboards from a grid level down to individual communities and households.

Streamline your workflows to align with government requirements and provide the best service to your customers.

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Manage prosumers, consumers and producers from one platform.
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Increase local self consumption and reduce losses.
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Split government incentives through multiple schemas.
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Compliant with Swiss and Italian energy community regulations (more to come).

White-label app

Engage the prosumers, consumers and producers that make up communities with your own branded app.

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Overview of energy usage and savings
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Breakdowns and estimations of incentives
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Set consumption goals and preferences
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Push notifications for anomalies, summaries and goals
Energy community household with EV and solar panels. FLEXO Energy Community Manager

The added benefits of FLEXO

Take pressure off the grid, like demand response, consuming local energy and peak shaving.
Provide Essential services to the grid

Help balance the grid and introduce additional revenue streams by adapting flexible assets to meet system demands.

Increase incentives for your customers

Not only do you have a platform to help manage and distribute government incentives to members of communities, but a powerful AI to help increase these payouts.

Optimise usage of flexible assets

Why consume now if you can consume later, cleaner, cheaper energy... while maintaining a seamless user experience.

Increase revenue with Smart Charging
Unlock additional revenue streams

Providing services to the grid is a growing industry as the network becomes more and more complex. FLEXO also has the ability to leverage flexibility according to market prices to ensure that the cheapest and greenest energy is being consumed where possible.

Big brands are already trusting us to help facilitate energy communities

Our client for FLEXO energy community manager, Plenitude
Our client Azienda Elettrica Massagno SA - AEM Logo

And it only gets better in time

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We are agile. This means that we have regular releases packed with additional functionality and stability.
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Free updates. Forever. Your license includes continual improvements for the life of your contract.


What is an energy community?

The EU's REDII directive encourages the consumption of locally produced green energy, thus also taking critical pressure of our electrical grids. One of these measures are energy communities, which need software to manage incentive distribution between its members. Our FLEXO Community Manager facilitates the management of these communities and so much more.

What is a community manager for?

Energy communities need software to manage its members and the incentive distribution between them. Our FLEXO Community Manager facilitates the management of communities, the incentives for members and so much more.

Why this community manager?

Not only are you able to manage communities in an efficient, user friendly way, engage your customers with your own branded app, but the added power of FLEXO behind the scenes manages energy flexibility to get the most out of any assets (like EVs, batteries, heat pumps, air conditioning units) in the community. This opens up huge savings and additional income stream for you and your energy customers.

How many communities can you manage

Theoretically, the FLEXO Community Manager can manage limitless communities with as many members as there are people on the planet! We are scalable.

Who is the FLEXO Community Manager for?

Any entity that undertakes or facilitates the operation of an Energy Communit. This could include a DSO (Distribution System Operators), an ESCo (Energy Service Company), local municipalities or Association for managing energy communities.

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