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Our Blog
Satisfied customer benefiting from flexibility incentives
The Ultimate Guide to Prosumer Flexibility Incentives
March 7, 2024
How do we get customers to form new habits and become prosumers, participating in flexible energy usage and other demand response programmes? Let's see a couple of effective approaches!
Green Grid Gladiators: Champions of Renewables
Top 5 Smart Grid Trends to Expect in 2023
March 20, 2023
Despite some challenges, batteries-on-wheels trend is a promising development that offers significant opportunities for the energy industry, EV owners, and the environment.
And you, are you sceptical or optimistic?
Batteries-on-wheels trend, Real or Faux?
March 6, 2023
Despite some challenges, batteries-on-wheels trend is a promising development that offers significant opportunities for the energy industry, EV owners, and the environment.
Europe Energy players
Energy Players and Their Roles in the Balance of Power
January 23, 2023
Europe is cruising towards energy sustainability but will require an ensemble of energy players to make this possible. Get in to know more about these players.
Top 60 Energy Conferences in 2024
Top 60 Energy Conferences in 2024 | Find Which to Attend 
December 1, 2023
Check out the top energy conferences to attend in 2024, their dates, locations, exhibitors, and how to register for them.
Smart Charging for Charge Point Operators
Smart Charging for Charge Point Operators - OCPP 2.0.1
August 12, 2023
OCPP 2.0.1 provides a safe nest for smart charging and eases the work of charge point operators.
Electric vehicles in Norway
Electric Vehicles in Norway; What You Should Know
November 28, 2022
Norway, the EV capital of the world, is on course to make its transport sector emission-free.
Power System Flexibility is Key to Electricity Security - IEA
“Power System Flexibility is Key to Electricity Security” - IEA
November 14, 2022
These energy trends will affect the EU’s electricity security if not managed with power system flexibility.
How To Save Household Energy Costs In 2030
How To Save Household Energy Costs In 2030; A Peek Into The Future
November 21, 2022
Energy-flexible homes are the future of energy sustainability and residential cost savings.
electric vehicle in Germany
Electric Vehicles in Germany: What You Should Know
October 24, 2022
Germany continues to dominate the European EV market, and it's not leaving any stone unturned.
Demand-side Flexibility in the EU Report
Key Takeaways from SmartEn’s Demand-side Flexibility in the EU Report
October 17, 2022
How to save energy costs, maintain grid sustainability, and cut GHG emissions? Demand-side flexibility.
Understanding Electric Vehicle Total Cost of Ownership
October 3, 2022
The Total Cost of Ownership of EVs might seem big, but these insights could change your outlook forever.
How to Deal With Range Anxiety as an EV Owner
How to Deal With Range Anxiety as an EV Owner
September 26, 2022
Range anxiety has been around since the first EV, but it can be perfectly managed with these handy solutions.
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Energy Distribution
September 19, 2022
AI & ML have combined to shape the growth of energy management and distribution in profitable instances.
Electric vehicles in Italy
Electric Vehicles in Italy: What You Should Know
September 12, 2022
Italy, with its favourable policies and adequate infrastructure, is one of the most welcoming places for EV owners.
EV Smart Charging Glossary
A-Z of EV Smart Charging - a Glossary
August 15, 2022
EV smart charging terminologies you should know.
a-z of smart grid
A-Z of Smart Grids - a Glossary
August 8, 2022
The Smart grid explained; essential information broken down into clear descriptions.
What Do Extreme Heat Waves Mean for Energy Supply and Management?
August 1, 2022
While heat waves bring about drastic energy supply setbacks, solutions are being set to neutralize them.
 Renewable Energy Projects in 2023
Five Renewable Energy Projects You Should Keep an Eye On in 2023
February 13, 2023
These renewable energy projects are a testament to the never-ending energy bloom the world is experiencing.
EVs vs Hydrogen Cars
EVs vs Hydrogen Cars: 6 Reasons Electric Vehicles Will Beat Hydrogen Cars in the Race for Sustainability
July 4, 2022
With the world striving towards energy sustainability, EVs are proving to be a preferred option over Hydrogen vehicles.
Electric Vehicles in Switzerland
Electric Vehicles in Switzerland: What You Should Know
June 27, 2022
The EV market in Switzerland is rapidly aiming for the top of Europe’s renewable energy ecosystem.
Hive Power FLEXO Community Manager
The Hive Power FLEXO Community Manager for Distribution Service Operators (DSOs) and Energy Service Companies (ESCos)
June 20, 2022
The Hivepower FLEXO community manager is all you need to bring the best energy services to prosumers.
Save Money On Your EV Charging
5 Ways to Save Money On Your EV Charging
June 13, 2022
The Hivepower flexo smart charge ushers in new options for saving money on your EV charging.
energy in Norway
Renewable Energy in Norway: What You Should Know
June 6, 2022
Norway has a long-standing renewable energy market that still sets the pace for other European countries today.
smart EV charging
An Outlook of Smart EV Charging in Europe
May 30, 2022
Smart EV charging in Europe is a vast eMobility goldmine waiting to be explored.
Hive Power FLEXO Smart Charge For EV
The Hive Power FLEXO Smart Charge For EV Fleet Managers and OEMs
May 23, 2022
Hive Power FLEXO smart charge for EVs - the best solution to optimize and efficiently manage EV charging & V2G
New EU Regulatory Framework for Batteries
Important Takeaways from the New EU Regulatory Framework for Batteries
May 16, 2022
The new EU regulatory framework is a revolutionary step needed to mitigate the risks created by batteries.
Renewable energy in Luxembourg
Renewable Energy in Luxembourg: What You Should Know
May 9, 2022
Luxembourg has one of the fastest-growing renewable energy markets in the world, did you know that?
energy storage research projects
Promising Future of Energy Storage: 7 Ongoing Research Projects you Should Know
May 2, 2022
The future of renewable energy depends on effective decentralized energy storage technology, most of which are currently being researched.
Numerical Weather Prediction
Weather is King: The Importance of Numerical Weather Predictions in Energy Management
April 25, 2022
Numerical Weather Prediction uses models to forecast weather events that might impair the sustainability of renewable energy sources.
Energy prosumer
Are we Enabling Energy Prosumers Enough?
April 18, 2022
Energy prosumers can help solve a significant percentage of the challenges assailing the EU's journey towards carbon neutrality.
renewable energy poland|energy
Renewable Energy in Poland: What You Should Know
April 11, 2022
How is Poland, whose primary source of energy happens to be coal, navigating to their renewable energy goals?
Decentralized Energy Systems|Decentralized Energy Systems
Decentralized Energy Systems, a Necessity in Europe
April 4, 2022
Decentralized energy management systems come with their technical and economic advantages to Europe's local power players and consumers.
Sustainable Power Grid Systems|smart grid|smart grid operator
How the Internet of Things is Boosting Sustainable Power Grid Systems Around the World
March 28, 2022
IoTs are making it possible to run more sustainable power systems around the world.
Renewable Energy In Lithuania|energy import in Lithuiana||offshore wind energy
Renewable Energy In Lithuania: What You Should Know
March 22, 2022
Since becoming a member of the EU in 2004, renewable energy sources have become building blocks of Lithuania’s self-sustaining energy future.
energy suppliers profit
7 Ways Energy Suppliers can Maximize Profit With Innovative Technology
March 14, 2022
How can energy suppliers in Europe grow their profits and adapt their economics through exciting new technologies?
Flexibility Management For Energy Suppliers|Prosumer flexibility
Examining Flexibility Management For Energy Suppliers And Prosumers
March 7, 2022
Get to know the function of flexibility orchestrators in managing utility by modelling smart distribution systems from suppliers to prosumers in a grid.
EV battery|electric vehicle home||
Is Repurposing EV Batteries for Grid Energy Storage a Sustainable Plan?
February 14, 2022
How sustainable is is the plan to reuse and recycle electric vehicle (EV) batteries in their second-life cycle?
battery storage project|energy storage plant|lithium-ion battery|drax power station
Top Battery Storage Projects in Europe to Look out for in 2023
December 5, 2022
The EU is transforming the RE sector, improving grid efficiency with Battery Energy Storage projects. Watch out for these BES projects in 2023.
renewable energy in Denmark|wind energy in denmark
Renewable Energy in Denmark: What you Should Know
January 17, 2022
Denmark's government has planned to achieve 100% renewable energy across all its sectors by 2050. Is this achievable?
IEC 63110|IEC 63110|OCPP communicatio Protocol
OCPP vs IEC 63110 - Open Communication Protocol for V2G
December 20, 2021
IEC 63110 is an additional standard protocol to facilitate bi-directional systems of charging by merging OCPP with other front-end protocols.
renewable energy in belgium||energy in belgium
Renewable Energy in Belgium: What You Should Know
December 6, 2021
Belgium is one of the fastest-growing renewable energy nations in Europe, despite the internal political instability within the region.
Community Solar Projects | energy communities
Community Solar Projects in Europe
November 22, 2021
Community solar project in Europe is an incredible concept that has levelled the renewable energy playing field for every citizen.
Global V2X Projects|
7 Global V2X Projects You Should Know
November 15, 2021
More V2X projects are ongoing in Europe, America, and different parts of the globe. These are seven remarkable ones to know.
is v2x profitable|
Is V2X/V2G A Profitable Venture For Energy Stakeholders?
November 15, 2021
The global V2X market is expected to have a CAGR of 45% between 2020 and 2026, but how much profit does this bring to the energy stakeholders?
V2G Degrade EV’s Battery Life|
Will V2G Activities Degrade Your EV’s Battery Life?
November 15, 2021
Despite the benefits, a major question about V2G activities is if it will degrade your Electric Vehicle’s battery life.
AC DC Electric Vehicle Charging|
AC vs DC Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure.
November 15, 2021
Despite being more popular for electric vehicles, AC charging stations have their peculiarities, while DC charging stations have new introductions.
Grid Stability With Electric Vehicles|
How Electric Vehicles Will Help Stabilize Distribution And Transmission Grids
November 15, 2021
The effective storage capacity found in electric vehicles can be harnessed to attain stability in the power grid.
V1H V2H V2B V2G and V2X|
Everything You Need To Know About V1G, V2H, V2B, V2G, And V2X
November 15, 2021
V1G, V2H, V2B, V2G, and V2X are ways electric vehicles can be used to store and give power when possible and needed.
hydropower energy in austria hydropower dam in austria wind energy in Austria
Renewable Energy in Austria: What you Should Know
October 18, 2021
Austria has great landforms, which have been maximized to generate renewable energy over the years. However, a new target is ahead with key opportunities.
future of wind energy supply||wind energy supply storage
The Future of Wind Energy Supply: What To Expect In The Next Ten Years
October 4, 2021
Globally, wind energy supply has expanded averagely by 21% annually since 2008 as more countries are implementing it commercially.
EV charging station|ocpp v2g communication|ocpp and iso 15118 relationship
5 Things You Should Know About OCPP 2.0, V2G Communication Protocol
September 20, 2021
V2G needs better communication protocols for the charging stations. OCPP 2.0 makes it possible while working hand in hand with the ISO/IEC 15118 protocol.
renewable energy in sweden|wind energy in sweden|energy communities in sweden|renewable energy project in sweden
Renewable Energy in Sweden: What You Should Know
September 13, 2021
Sweden is moving fast in the implementation of renewable energy, and it is working out fine. Beyond this, the technologies that foster RE are being embraced.
smart grid analytics|electric grid meter
A-Z of Smart Grid Analytics
September 6, 2021
Smart grid analytics is integral in running a smart grid to interpret data collected by metering systems and use the information in other applications.
Renewable Energy Forecasting and Scheduling|
5 Things You Should Know About Renewable Energy Forecasting And Scheduling
August 30, 2021
Renewable energy forecasting and scheduling properly manage demand based on highly accurate predictions by forecasting models using machine learning techniques
Demand-side response - frequency balance|energy demand|Flexibility Manager for demand response
Demand-Side Response for Residential Consumers
August 2, 2021
Effective consumer demand-side response is achievable. Residential buildings can adopt it by the use of smart technologies that are readily accessed.
Energy forecaster|Data training||Renewable Energy Forecasting and Scheduling
The Forecaster: Using Machine Learning to Predict Energy Consumption and Generation
July 26, 2021
Hive Power decided to conduct an internal research study to review and select the most performant numerical weather prediction provider.
Renewable energy in Netherlands||energy in holland||Wind energy in Netherlands
Renewable Energy in the Netherlands: What you should know
August 16, 2021
The energy sector in the Netherlands continues to advance, yet renewable energy has its points in that same sector worthy of interest and action.
IEC 15118, V2G communication protocol|OCPP 2.0 V2G communication
5 things You Should Know About the IEC 15118, V2G Communication Protocol
August 9, 2021
The adaptation of V2G technology needs a proper communication system. The IEC 15118 protocol has its points for leverage in this application.
Solar energy in spain|energy in spain|wind energy in spain
Renewable Energy in Spain: What You Should know
July 13, 2021
Renewable energy in Spain is great and can be better. The latest projects going on show a place of possibilities for the maximization of renewables.
Future of V2G Technology|electric vehicle charging|smart grid
The Future of V2G Technology: What to Expect in the Next Ten Years
July 12, 2021
The changes necessary for a smarter world can be seen in the future of V2G technology. which even further strengthens the effective circulation of EVs.
energy communities|energy community in europe
Top 5 Energy Community Projects in Europe
June 28, 2021
The current projects on energy communities all through Europe at this time are significant. Each meets the goal of quality supply via proper grid management.
solar energy
How Sustainable Energy Suppliers Are Shaping The Power Industry In Italy
June 14, 2021
Italy is making great strides towards sustainability within its energy sector, and its sustainable energy suppliers are driving the growth.
renewable energy in france|nuclear energy in france|sustainable energy in france
Renewable Energy In France: What You Should Know
June 7, 2021
Renewable energy in France- a case study on one of the EU states gradually transitioning from nuclear energy sources to renewables.
ADvanced metering|meter management systems|advanced metering infrastructure
Understanding Meter Data Management Systems
May 31, 2021
Meter Management Systems collect & store meter data from a head-end system and processes it into information usable by other utility applications.
Energiewende|germany wind turbines|wind energy project|renewable energy in france
Renewable Energy In Germany: What You Should Know
May 17, 2021
Renewable energy in Germany- a case study on one of the EU states most notable for wind, biomass, and solar energy sources.
smart grid operators|Grid operator
The Grid Operator Of The Future
May 10, 2021
Grid operators will have to develop new incentives, adjust their current roles and adapt their operations to accommodate future developments.
grid data manager|data in smart grid
Understanding Data Management In Smart Grid Systems
May 3, 2021
Smart grids deal with high-velocity data, large storage and advanced data analytics, hence proper data management is required.
smart grid simulator||smart grid analytics|Smart grid simulation
Smart Grid Energy Simulation, The Strengths And Opportunities
April 26, 2021
Through smart grid simulation, experts can make projections and predictions to promote performance and profit in their grid system.
renewable energy in Italy|Wind turbine in Italy|solar energy|solar panels by Eni
Renewable Energy In Italy: What You Should Know
April 19, 2021
Renewable energy in Italy - a case study on one of the EU states with an outstanding performance in renewable energy development.
smart grid technology|smart grid operators|ADvanced metering|Future of V2G Technology
Smart Grid Technology And Applications Changing The Power Industry
April 12, 2021
We discussed six key applications of Smart Grid Technology: advanced metering infrastructure, demand response, electric vehicles, and more.
tesla|BMW electric vehicle|electric vehicle|electric vehicle
Are You Ready For The Future? 5 Remarkable Global Projections On Electric Vehicles
April 5, 2021
Global projections on Electric Vehicles have varied by country, sector and manufacturer, but a few similarities dominate the top spots.
electric grid stability|Hive power grid management
Grid Stability Issues With Renewable Energy Sources: How They Can Be Solved
March 22, 2021
The spread of renewable energy sources in the existing electric grid brings its share of challenges, like stability, that need definitive solutions.
renewable energy in switzerland||nuclear energy protest|renewable energy sources in Switzerland|
Renewable Energy In Switzerland: What You Should Know
March 15, 2021
A case study on one of the countries at the forefront of renewable energy innovations - Switzerland.
smart contract
Application Of Blockchain Smart Contracts In Energy Management
March 1, 2021
In the energy sector, accuracy, trust, security & saving cost are key, and these are the benefits of smart contracts linked to the blockchain.
microgrid|Microgrid management
Understanding Demand-Side Management In Microgrid Systems
March 8, 2021
Demand-Side Management in Microgrids allows grid managers to observe the system performance and improve for efficient utilisation by customers.
5 Renewable Energy Projects You Should Keep an Eye on in 2021
February 22, 2021
Renewable energy is picking up steam as a more sustainable and widely accepted alternative for energy production and consumption in 2021.
grid energy storage|fly-wheel energy storage|compressed air storage|tesla power pack|hydro energy storage|redox battery overview|thermal energy storage|future of grid energy storage
The Future of Grid Energy Storage
February 15, 2021
With the advancement of renewable energy production around the world, the future of grid energy storage is shifting and we're following closely.
EU renewable energy||Renewable energy source shares|eu renewable energy timeline|wind energy
Examination Of The Cooperative Work Of EU Countries To Meet Their 2020 Renewable Energy Target
February 8, 2021
The Cooperative Mechanisms was set by the Renewable Energy Directive to ensure that there is cooperation on various levels by the EU countries to meet the targets.
European union|renewable energy in spain|Renewable energy in EU|renewable energy sources by EU state
EU Renewable Energy Directive, an Appraisal.
February 1, 2021
An appraisal of the Renewable Energy Directive of 2009 set by the EU to attain some renewable energy targets on a national level.

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