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Flexo - One platformFlexo One platform, multi module

One platform to optimise energy flexibility across multiple contexts

Flexo Energy community manager white label admin platform and end user mobile app
Smart chargingSmart Charging
Explore the power of FLEXO for smart charging V1G, V2G, and V2X. Optimise any vehicle - whether residential cars or commercial fleet vehicles like busses and trucks.
Energy Aggregation
Energy Aggregation
Offer demand response and other grid services with distributed devices across cities, regions, or countries.
Energy Communities
Energy Communities
Manage sites and energy communities with a single admin interface. Engage users with white-label apps featuring coaching and automatically optimised consumption. 
Local OptimisationLocal Optimisation
Optimise consumption and storage for energy produced at the building or complex level. Integrate with smart appliances, wallboxes, and static batteries.

Why Flexibility Orchestration

Energy prices just got volatile

For many years, energy has been cheap and stable, this is no longer the case with volatility rocking the market.

Our grid, pushed to breaking point.

The rise of renewable energy, combined with consumption demands and the EV mobility boom, our grid is struggling to handle the new paradigm.

Flexo's technology
An overview of the different layers Flexo operates on.

The core

At the heart of FLEXO lies an AI engine which constantly draws data from weather patterns, user analytics, real-time energy market prices, and proprietary sources. Using this, it delivers energy forecasts, smart billing, and optimised consumption, from local optimisation all the way to distributed aggregation.

The mid-layer

Connect to Flexo’s APIs for energy usage and economic data, insights, notifications and flexibility signals.

End-user experience

FLEXO can be accessed and managed by Admins from the web admin platform, or end-users via white-label web or mobile apps or your own custom implementation.

Flexo core
Flexo mid layerAPI Mid layerFlexo surface layer
Weather forecasts
Power profiles
Energy Markets
User behaviour and preferences
Usage insights
Energy data
Power profiles
System monitoring
Flexibility signals
White label web apps for energy
Admin web-platform
Energy forecasts
Smart billing
Optimal scheduling
Energy community incentive splitting
White label web apps for energyWhite label mobile apps for energy
End-user web and mobile apps
Connecting business to assets
FLEXO is the intelligence layer bridging your business with flexible assets.
Energy Markets
Grid Services
Flexo logo
Flexo Energy Flexibility Orchestrator
IOT Platforms
Charging Points
Solar & Storage
Smart meters
Flexible assets
Smart charging optimisation V1G V2GSmart charging wallbox optimisationSolar energy optimisationBattery storage energy flexibility optimisationSmart Meters Energy flexibilityAppliances and white goods Energy flexibility optimisationHVAC Energy flexibility optimisation
Top features
Just a few of FLEXO’s powerful features.
Modular SAAS with value stacking
Modular value stacking
Stack value and optimise flexibility across multiple areas with FLEXO’s ever-growing modular services; from energy communities, aggregation, through to smart charging.
White-label apps
White-label apps
Engage your customers on ready-to-deploy mobile and web apps, totally personalised with your branding.
Energy coaching white-label apps
Energy Coaching
Our white-label apps engage end-users to improve their energy behaviours in order to consume when it's best for their wallets, the planet, or both!
Do you have your own established apps and systems? Integrate FLEXO directly with our comprehensive APIs.
Battery energy storage
Battery-safe V2X
Protect your battery warranties by discharging only the exact number of times per year within safety thresholds, when energy market prices are the highest. 
Targeted. Flexo seamless UX
Seamless UX
Created by designers hailing from the likes of Apple, FLEXO is user-friendly and intuitive - whether you’re an admin or an end-user checking in on your consumption and savings. 
360 support
Need support? We have your back, with comprehensive documentation and technical support.
Flexo is powered by artificial intelligence
Powered by AI
Our machine learning algorithms analyse a vast array of data with great accuracy, enabling the best energy predictions, revenues, and savings possible.
Flexo smart algorithms
Multi-objective optimisation
Optimise on a building level, community level, or market/grid-wide all at once. Our AI will determine the best combo and automatically adjust consumption, with no need for additional intervention.
Flexo is hardware agnostic
Hardware agnostic
No matter what hardware you use, FLEXO can connect via IoT platforms or directly to manufacturer APIs.
SAAS continuous agile updates
Continuous updates
Our agile team works constantly to evolve our software based on your needs and user feedback. 
Localised and multi-regulatory
Don’t sweat it. FLEXO can adapt to any local language, regulatory framework, or protocol.
Customer Story
Smart Charging & V2X
Free2Move - Stellantis
"Hive Power empowered us to focus on our core business while they optimised our energy management systems and time-of-use savings.
They really made the difference."
Customer stories
smart charging saves up to
every year.

We make a number of standardisations for this calculation, see the variables. This means the actual figure may vary for your specific context. Please reach out if you need a more precise estimation on what FLEXO can save you.

Number of EVs

Type of EV

V2G enabled (bi-directional charging)

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We make a number of standardisations for this calculation, see the variables. This means the actual figure may vary for your specific context. Please reach out if you need a more precise estimation on what FLEXO can save you.


What is FLEXO?

FLEXO is Hive Power's Flexibility Orchestrator product. It can be used to bring added value to many use cases, such as energy community management, local optimisation at the building/complex level, residential and fleet smart charging electric vehicles, energy aggregation for demand response, and even ancillary grid services.

What is energy flexibility?

Energy grids need to constantly match supply to demand, otherwise the system faces blackouts. Energy flexibility is the ability to balance this supply and demand with the assets that are attached to the grid. Practically speaking, this could mean storing energy when there is an excess of production in the system and delaying certain consumption when there is a peak.

What is a flexibility orchestrator?

 A flexibility orchestrator, such as FLEXO, manages energy flexibility to achieve specific objectives. FLEXO goes one step further by taking into account multiple objectives and their priorities at once. It uses those criteria to automate the energy usage of grid-connected devices, which in turn supports such things as grid stability, allows you to capitalise on energy market prices, enables household and community optimisation, and reduces CO2 emissions.

What can FLEXO do for my business?

FLEXO provides the intelligence for you to capitalise on your or your customers' grid-connected assets. Benefits range depending on the devices available and types of flexibility optimisation. For example, you can save up to €1,000 per EV per year by using FLEXO to smart charge residential vehicles and up to €10,000 per heavy EV in a fleet scenario.

What can FLEXO optimise?

FLEXO can optimise most smart devices connected to the grid, whether those are smart appliances, heat pumps, static batteries, wall boxes, wet appliances, or electric vehicles (cars, vans, busses, or trucks).

Who is FLEXO for?

FLEXO has been designed for any business that manages assets connected to the grid, whether a DSO (Distribution System Operator), an ESCo (Energy Service Company), or an Aggregator. Given the increasingly important role of mobility in the energy transition, we also have value-added solutions for automotive OEMs, fleet managers, CPOs, and Tier 1 suppliers in the charging space.

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See what FLEXO can do, across the board.

Flexo Smart Charging
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Explore the power of FLEXO for smart charging, whether through V1G, V2G or V2X.

Flexo Energy Aggregation
Right chevron

Offer demand response with distributed devices across, cities, regions, or countries.

Flexo Energy Communities
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Manage energy communities under multiple regulatory frameworks.

Flexo Local optimisation
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Optimise consumption and storage for energy produced at the building level.

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