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FLEXO Smart Energy Management Logo

The Hive Power flexibility orchestrator

Orchestrate energy flexibility in a whole range of different contexts with complimenting software for managing a wide range of applications, from energy communities to smart vehicle charging. Explore our range of products powered by FLEXO...
FLEXO Community Manager
Our platform for managing and optimising Energy Communities

Engage your energy customers with a dedicated mobile app, optimise assets and help get compliant with the RED II directive from the EU.

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FLEXO Smart Charge
Our vehicle-to-grid (V2G) solution for EV Fleet Managers and OEMs

Optimise electric vehicles' charging cycles to increase ROI and provide essential grid services.

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Save money. Earn money.

Not only does optimisation save on energy costs, FLEXO reduces the risk of grid outages and unlocks additional revenue streams by shifting flexible energy away from peak times where power is most expensive and reliant mostly on fossil fuels.

Behind the scenes...

FLEXO aggregates data from an ever-growing range of sources, analyses the factors and optimises a variety of different assets attached to the grid ranging from electric vehicles and batteries, heat pumps through to hydro-electric plants depending on your objectives.
FLEXO data inputs and outputs for smart energy management
From forecasting to billing or scheduling flexible assets, FLEXO can be deployed in a whole host of applications, whether it is a custom setup or with one of our ready-to-go plaforms for managing energy communities or smart charging vehicle to grid services.


What is FLEXO?

FLEXO is Hive Power's Flexibility Orchestrator. It sits at the core of our products to manage devices attached to the grid. It can be tuned to achieve different things whether it is to provide essential services to the grid, increase the consumption of self-produced energy or reduce consumption peaks.

What is energy flexibility?

Energy grids need to constantly match supply to demand, otherwise the system faces blackouts. Energy flexibility is the ability to balance this supply and demand with the assets that are attached to the grid. Practically speaking, this could mean storing energy when there is an excess of production in the system and delaying certain consumption when there is a peak.

What can FLEXO do for my business?

Our out-of-the-box products; the energy community manager and smart charging optimiser are tailored for these use cases, however please speak with us if there is a custom application where FLEXO can be implemented.

Who is FLEXO for?

FLEXO has been designed for any business that has assets connected to the grid, whether a DSO (Distribution System Operators), an ESCo (Energy Service Company) as well as the growing EV market for automotive manufacturers or electric vehicle fleet managers.

Got more questions? We got answers...

Speak with one of the team and we'll be happy to guide you through what we do.

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