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Stack the value of V1G, V2G, and V2X with FLEXO’s multi-objective smart charging optimisation for a multitude of business cases. 

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Smart Charging & V2X
Free2Move - Stellantis
"Hive Power empowered us to focus on our core business while they optimised our energy management systems and time-of-use savings.
They really made the difference."
smart charging saves up to
every year.

We make a number of standardisations for this calculation, see the variables. This means the actual figure may vary for your specific context. Please reach out if you need a more precise estimation on what FLEXO can save you.

Number of EVs

Type of EV

V2G enabled (bi-directional charging)

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We make a number of standardisations for this calculation, see the variables. This means the actual figure may vary for your specific context. Please reach out if you need a more precise estimation on what FLEXO can save you.


Getting the most out of your assets at any given moment.

FLEXO assesses all of the revenue streams available, switching to the most beneficial outcome for your assets at that point in time.

Local self-consumption
When consuming from or powering the site/ energy community is most beneficial.
Trade energy markets/ ToU
Charging when prices are cheapest or selling energy when prices reach their peak.
Grid ancillary services
Aggregate distributed EVs to bid for demand response contracts on local and national ancillary markets.

Access grid ancillary markets

Have a large pool of EVs and/or other flexible devices? FLEXO's Aggregation module pools these together and connects you to additional revenue streams with demand response contracts to local and national grids.

Engage users

White-label web and mobile apps allow users to visualise, learn best practises and control their charging experience. Got your own apps? No problem, just integrate with our APIs. It takes less than 24h to set up.

Superior charging experience

The automotive and mobility companies of the future will be differentiated more by their software than their hardware. The only thing your users should notice is how much they’re saving.

Residential or fleet

Whether you need to smart charge single EV households, or you need a solution for fleets of thousands of cars, vans, busses or trucks across multiple sites, FLEXO has you charged.


FLEXO has been designed to care for batteries while at the same time providing maximum safe usage for flexibility optimisation. It ensures warranties will be in tact during V2X transactions by finding the most profitable times of year for discharging and remaining within the recommended thresholds.

A designed experience
Our white-label end-user apps and admin platform.

Launch with your own brand in ready-to-go apps or integrate our APIs seamlessly into your own software.

How it works - Flexo module
How it works - step 1How it works - step 2How it works - step 3How it works - step 4
Flexo Integration


Setup, connect devices, and test.

Flexo smart algorithms for optimising energy flexibility

Monitoring and optimisation

FLEXO monitors incoming data from wallboxes, EVs, and users to predict and automate optimal charging schedules.

Flexo mobile app

Engaging end users

Delight customers with intuitive data insights, coaching, and easy ways to update their charging routine predictions. Leave range anxiety behind with emergency overrides when fast-charging is needed.

Energy community supervisor

Community supervisors, enabled.

Oversee community as a whole, simplified controls for administrating members and splitting incentive payments accordingly.

Integrations brands
Hardware agnostic and ready to go...
We can already connect to a number of integrations.
Add yours
Smart Charging features
A selection of what Flexo's smart charging module can achieve.
Award-winning software
FLEXO won the prestigious Power2Drive Award at the Intersolar conference in Germany. Is your smart charging software validated by academic and industry judges from Europe’s premier energy event?
White-label apps
White-label apps
Your brand positioned on ready-to-deploy mobile and web apps, designed to increase customer engagement and gamify the best energy consumption habits to boost benefits.
Modular SAAS with value stacking
Stack FLEXO modules
With the addition of FLEXO  Energy Communities, increase incentives and member engagement. Or get access to grid ancillary markets with FLEXO Aggregation.
360 support
Need support? We have your back, with comprehensive documentation and technical support.
Do you have your own established apps and systems? Integrate FLEXO directly with our comprehensive APIs.
Battery energy storage
Battery-safe V2X
Protect your battery warranties by discharging only the exact number of times per year within safety thresholds and when energy market prices are the highest.
Targeted. Flexo seamless UX
Refined UX
Created by designers hailing from the likes of Apple, FLEXO is user-friendly and intuitive - whether you’re an admin or an end-user checking in on your consumption and benefits.
Multiple users - Prosumers, consumers and producers
User in control
Users always have the option to interact with our AI algorithms, to communicate preferences, optimise charge times, or override smart charging altogether to charge in the fastest possible time.
Flexo is hardware agnostic
Hardware agnostic
No matter what hardware you use, FLEXO can connect via IoT platforms or directly to manufacturer APIs.
Flexo is powered by artificial intelligence
Powered by AI
Our machine learning algorithms analyse a vast array of data with great accuracy, enabling the best energy predictions, revenues, and savings possible.
Energy community incentives and savings
Unlock additional revenue streams
Depending on the vehicle, FLEXO has been able to demonstrate benefits of up to €13k annually through a number of different business cases.
SAAS continuous agile updates
Continuous updates
Our agile team works constantly to evolve our software based on your needs and user feedback.
Localised and multi-regulatory
Don’t sweat it. FLEXO can adapt to any local language, regulatory framework, or protocol.
Customer stories
Customer Insights
Smart charging fleets of e-busses
Iveco Bus

"By employing Hive Power’s FLEXO smart charging algorithms, savings of up to 35% were identified for night charging e-buses using V1G technology, and up to 57% with vehicle-to-grid (V2G) enabled buses. Importantly, this solution does not require any changes in user behaviour while ensuring reduced charging costs."


What is smart charging?

This is when the charging cycles of an EV are adjusted to consume cleaner, cheaper energy. Taken a step further, it can enable the vehicle to supply a house or the grid by using its excess stored energy. There are many types of smart charging that FLEXO supports:
• V1G - Charging at the smartest time to avoid peaks or the most expensive times to charge. 
• V2G - Bi-directional charging allowing EVs to charge as well as export energy to the grid. 
• V2X - Bi-directional charging allowing EVs to charge and discharge to power things locally within the site as well as export energy to the grid
• Ancillary services (V1G & V2G) - Enabling large fleets of EVs and stationary batteries to fulfil flexibility contracts, in order to ensure grid stability for national and local electric grids. For example, when demand exceeds production, EVs can stop charging, stabilising the grid, in exchange for financial kickbacks. As another example, you could discharge a whole region of contracted EVs to provide energy when there is a risk of outages.

Why is smart charging needed?

Smart charging allows energy providers to save significantly on the cost of providing electricity to charging points, a benefit which can be passed to the end user in order to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of an EV. It also allows consumers to sell energy back to the grid or use it to power other things, such as buildings or devices, turning their vehicles into revenue streams and crucial back-up energy sources during outages. In addition, by charging when energy is less in demand or renewable sources are available, you cut carbon emissions. Finally, it ensures grid stability and prevents outages due to the increase in demand from EVs.

Why FLEXO smart charging?

Unlike traditional IoT charging apps, FLEXO optimises charging by continuously analysing real-time weather and energy market data for the most cost-effective and eco-friendly times. It combines peak shaving, ancillary services, and V2X capabilities, saving up to €1,000/year for residential users and €13,000/year for heavy fleet vehicle charging. And it's one of the only solutions which integrates with energy communities and flexibility optimisation for other electrified assets, bringing the economic and environmental benefits to another level. With a superior user experience and customisable API integrations, FLEXO stands out as the top charging intelligence software.

Who is the FLEXO smart charging platform for?

Anyone who manages or sells charging solutions can benefit from FLEXO. Whether you have a fleet of electric vehicles, administer an energy community, run municipal or private charging lots as a charging point operator (CPO), or sell vehicles and charging components, FLEXO smart charge can be tuned to your needs.

What are the benefits of FLEXO smart charging?

FLEXO brings drivers, fleets, and charging point managers peace of mind, with a savings of up to €13,000 per year, per vehicle, and the maximum reduction possible in C02 emissions by charging when renewable sources are available. Get in touch to discover the possibilities for your specific use case.

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