The Hive Power FLEXO Smart Charge For EV Fleet Managers and OEMs

May 23, 2022
Hive Power FLEXO Smart Charge For EV

When the EU commission proposed the proliferation of electric vehicles (EVs) as one of the strategies it intends to implement to meet its carbon neutrality targets, little was it known that the result would be an environmental paradox.

What does this mean? The cost of charging EVs has shot up significantly— increasing by about 43% compared with last year’s

Now here comes the paradox. By 2030, the EU plans to phase out fossil-fuel sales, thereby restricting vehicle owners to EVs. In addition, we’re currently witnessing a worldwide boom in the manufacture of EVs. Bloomberg reports that by 2040, the energy required to charge EVs will grow by 60 times, representing about 10% of the global electricity consumption.

Why do we Need Smart Charging for EVs?

While a high density of EVs brings a breath of fresh air to Europe, its effects on power grids must not be overlooked. It is worthy of note that the unique challenge posed by EV charging is not how it’s charged but when it’s charged. 

The introduction of EV charging during peak demand hours will create new pressure on national grids, consequently resulting in intermittent outages and power cuts. Other downsides are an increase in short-circuit currents, a possible violation of the voltage level regulated limits, curtailment of power station equipment, the consequent increase in operational costs, etc. It remains to be seen how these disadvantages will be efficiently managed without jeopardising our national grids.

These highly-technical side effects require a highly technical solution, and herein lies the Hive Power FLEXO Smart Charge for EVs.

Besides addressing the threats that EV charging brings to our national grids, the Hivepower technology also aims to bring economic prosperity to automakers. 

According to Bloomberg, EVs are estimated to make up 40% of the total car sales by 2025. Building upon this, Europe is expected to provide smart charging to about 30 million EVs by the same year— leading to 30 billion euros in revenue for European energy companies. Hive Power seeks to make automotive manufacturers a part of this energy market with our Flexo smart charging solution.

What is the Hive Power FLEXO Smart Charge for EVs?

To grasp the Hive Power FLEXO charge, we must first understand the background: smart charging and vehicle to grid (V2G) solutions.

Smart charging enables a cloud-based, AI-powered interconnection among EV owners, charging points, and power suppliers. This flexibility monitoring creates an avenue for EV owners to optimise their vehicles’ charging capacities and costs and for power suppliers to remotely monitor, manage, and restrict vehicular charging points and optimally tailor the energy demand of EVs as dictated by peak power demand hours.

V2G, on the other hand, are a two-way charging system in which energy can flow from grids into EVs and from EVs back into grids.

The Hive Power FLEXO smart charge for EVs is a common denominator between these two solutions.

How Does the Hive Power FLEXO Smart Charge for EV Work?

The FLEXO smart charge is a platform accompanied by a mobile app powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and supported by cloud technology used to collect and transfer real-time data from and between the EV and the grid with the charging points as the intermediary. 

Hive Power Flex Smart Charge

The end-users (EV owners, fleet managers, and automotive manufacturers) use a mobile application to manage their unique profiles, communicate their everyday needs, seamlessly make payments, and receive feedback. It’s also used to observe active driving hours, average parking hours, average energy consumption, excess energy production from the vehicle, maximum charge capacity, and proximity to the Internet of Things (IoT)

The platform aggregates all these pieces of information, analyses markets, and computes the best charging profiles for the vehicles to also optimise the performance and profits for energy retailers.

Benefits of the Hive Power FLEXO Charge for EVs

The Hive Power FLEXO smart charge for EVs wasn’t developed with only EV owners in mind. Instead, the charging technology extends its advantages to EV drivers, grid operators, businesses such as fleet owners, and automotive manufacturers.

To EV Fleet Managers and Owners

To better manage your fleet of EVs, the Hive Power FLEXO charge helps you:

  • Monitor your EVs remotely and in real-time: With the mobile app, you can obtain accurate real-time charge details on each of your EVs at any time and anywhere. You can as well promptly find available charging points for your EVs.
  • Save costs: When your EVs continue to charge after they’ve reached their maximum charge capacity, you pay more for nothing. To prevent this, the Hivepower Flexo charge enables you to set when and how long you want your EVs to charge.
  • Make extra income: The smart charge introduces a new stream of income. With the AI algorithm, it can detect your EVs’ rest hours. The unused energy during these periods is given back to the grid through V2G services. This can help you make extra income in a method similar to net metering and guarantees savings on your energy consumption.

To Automotive Manufacturers

With our platform integrated into your EVs, you can build improved products that:

  • Charge safer: The device tests the connection between your vehicle and the charging point for safety before charging to prevent an imbalance of current sharing.
  • Contribute to grid sustainability: With the manufacture of EVs growing at an astonishing rate, you might want to help prevent grid collapses due to a spike in demand by going smart in your EV designs. The Flexo smart charge, with the V2G and charge-scheduling services it offers, could make your products durable and aid sustainability.
  • Earn more: As an automotive retailer, you can make around 1,000 euros per car annually by utilising our intelligent charging solution.

To Grid Operators

Adopting the Hive Power FLEXO smart charge for EVs enables you to:

  • Remotely manage multiple charging points: Incorporating our smart charge platform into your business saves you the stress of physically monitoring your charge stations one after the other.
  • Conveniently monitor and maintain charging affairs: You can easily access charging statistics and EV owners’ details (and can contact them), take and give reports, limit EV charging during peak demand hours, and adjust prices based on the current market situation.
  • Not exceed your local grid capacity: You have all the needed information with you. You don’t have to authorise the charging of inactive vehicles during peak demand periods at the expense of your grid capacity.

Final Notes

As briefly highlighted above, the benefits are all-encompassing for every category associated with EVs. The solution not only addresses the introductory environmental paradox in this discussion but also comes bearing glad economic, futuristic, and social tidings to the RE market in Europe.

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