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Smart Charge

A powerful platform and companion mobile app to smartly charge EVs and provide vehicle to grid (V2G) services.

Manage vehicle charging, whether for your own electric fleet or your customers cars and earn up to €1000.00 per EV per year in potential revenue.

FLEXO EV Smart Charging Station illustration

The platform

Secure driver's needs from each EV and the needs of the grid as a whole from one platform.

Our FLEXO AI listens to user inputs and learns driver behaviour to automatically adapt charging profiles of the vehicle. Want to actively manage things? Cease control at anytime.

This allows households or grids to be safely powered by connected EVs without impacting the usage requirements from the vehicle.

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AI powered charging profiles suppling grid and user needs for each electric vehicle.
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Earn up to €1000.00 additional revenue per EV, per year.

White-label app

Allow drivers to communicate with their vehicles to say

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See upcoming charge cycles
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Interact with AI algorithms to adjust charging behaviours
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Get notified of any anomalies
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All in your own company brand
Electric car for smart charging V2G and V2X

The power of FLEXO's core engine.

Take pressure off the grid, like demand response, consuming local energy and peak shaving.
Provide Essential services to the grid

Help balance the grid and introduce additional revenue streams by adapting flexible assets to meet system demands.

Save energy and save money for your business and your prosumers/consumers
Increase savings for your customers

Enable prosumers to utilise more of their self-produced energy and consumers to charge when energy is cheapest. Not to mention the potential earnings for providing the grid with both power and storage.

Optimise charging and energy consumption with FLEXO
Optimise charging profiles

Consume the cleanest, cheapest energy and inject back into the grid to earn.

Increase revenue with Smart Charging
Unlock additional revenue streams

Providing services to the grid is a growing industry as the network becomes more complex and in higher demand. FLEXO also has the ability to leverage flexibility according to market prices to ensure that the cheapest and greenest energy is being consumed where possible.

Top companies are already trusting our smart charging technology...

Our client, Toyota

And it only gets better in time

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We are agile. This means that we have regular releases packed with additional functionality and stability.
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Free updates. Forever. Your license includes continual improvements for the life of your contract.


What is Smart Charging?

This is when the charging cycles of an electric vehicle can be adapted to consume cleaner, cheaper energy or equally supply a house or the grid with stored energy that is not required for its normal use

Why is smart charging needed?

Beyond the economic benefits for all stakeholders, smart charging is key to ensuring the stability of our grids and avoiding outages.

Why FLEXO smart charging?

A user friendly platform to manage fleets of vehicles. An intuitive mobile app for drivers. World class machine-learning algorithms designed, tested and trained over many years in collaboration with top automotive manufacturers.

Who is the FLEXO Smart Charging platform for?

Whether you manage a fleet of electric vehicles or are an automotive manufacturer, FLEXO smart charge can be tuned to your needs.

Want to explore more?

Reach out and one of the team would be more than happy to take you through the finer details.
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