Nov 23, 2022

Hive Power Partners With Haier Europe & Edison SpA

Hive power's partnership with Haier Europe
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During a press conference in Milan on 23rd Nov 2022, Haier Europe announced their partnerships with Hive Power and Edison SpA. This collaboration is aimed to optimize energy consumption for their user and derive maximum efficiency from the use of their smart appliances through intelligent flexibility orchestration that will be powered by our FLEXO solution.

Haier Europe is planning to release a new feature on their smart app that will allow their customers to control their appliances based on time slots by entering the tariffs of its electricity contract.

According to Benvenuto Pogliani, Head of IoT Ecosystem Business Development and Energy & Emobility & Service Haier Europe, "Initially, the tariffs will be entered manually by the user but, with some energy retailers, for example Edison, we are working to automate the process and provide customers with optimized electricity contracts that can save on bills. Abroad we are experimenting with the integration with hourly rate systems that allow household appliances to come into operation taking into account the electricity market and the related hourly rates which see fluctuations of up to 300% in the same day. This would translate into further savings for the end customer."

He explained further that -"in some European countries we are starting to experiment with pilot projects to offer a flexible service to the grid to reduce overloads and distribution costs, through hOn we dialogue with the customer asking for his willingness not to let appliances work in certain time slots. The customer will be rewarded and reimbursed in the bill. We are convinced that thanks to the new agreements and the energy saving strategy we are pursuing, AI applications and the ease of connection deriving from the simple use of the app will revolutionize the process of conscious use of energy. A tool that will help customers better understand the levers they have at their disposal to substantially reduce energy costs in the home"

Read official press release.

To catch the latest updates on this partnership, follow our LinkedIn page.

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