Jul 27, 2023

Homes to Highways: V2X & Flexibility in Residential vs. Heavy EVs

200+ Attendees, 4 Experts & a fantastic conversation, our webinar "Homes to Highways: V2X & Flexibility in Residential vs. Heavy EVs" was lit!
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To shed light on this topic, we recently hosted a webinar titled "Homes to Highways: V2X & Flexibility in Residential vs. Heavy EVs." With over 200 attendees and featuring four industry experts, the webinar was a fantastic conversation on the potential of flexibility in the energy sector.

Key Takeaways

- Flexibility through the integration of EVs has the potential to optimise grid management, improve reliability, and address challenges related to renewable energy integration.
- Advanced software solutions are crucial for orchestrating and optimising flexible assets, enabling their seamless integration into the grid.
- OEMs and CPOs can leverage flexibility to enhance the value of their EVs and charging infrastructure through innovative solutions.
- Consumers can benefit from adopting flexible technologies in the transport sector, but considerations must be made to ensure successful implementation.

If you missed our insightful webinar, don't worry! You can still register to receive the recording and join the conversation on V2X and flexibility in residential vs. heavy EVs. Stay informed and be a part of the exciting developments in the energy sector. In recent years, the concept of flexibility has become increasingly important in the energy industry. This is especially true as renewable energy resources with stochastic characteristics are integrated into the grid, and as grid capacity expands, leading to technical, financial, and market challenges. To tackle these challenges, energy utilities are looking to flexible assets, such as electric vehicles (EVs) in various forms, to store and utilise electricity for grid balance and harmony.

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