Oct 19, 2021

Meet Our COO - Davide Rivola

Hive Power COO Davide Rivola
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Q: Tell us an interesting fact about you.
DR: I’m a paraglider pilot. A few minutes drive from my home there is a very good take-off place.

Q: What are your other interests asides from creating energy solutions?
DR: I try to stay in nature as much as I can, I especially love long treks. Last year I also started learning Krav Maga, which is something completely new for me. It’s quite physical but also interesting mentally.

Q: What is one word that best describes you?
DR: Intense.

Q: How did you become part of Hive Power?
DR: I've been in Hive Power since day zero, with my colleagues at the University we saw an opportunity to help the green energy transition and started this adventure.

Q: What do you see the smart grid industry becoming 10 years from now?DR: In 10 years the “smart grid” industry will be called the “grid” industry. Data-driven operation of the physical world will be the norm in a few years, especially after the digitalization acceleration due to the covid pandemics.

Q: What is it like working with your team members at Hive Power?DR: I love it, all team members are incredibly skilled but also great human beings. I’m glad to work with them.

Q: Which skills and talents are you looking forward to adding to the Hive Power team?
DR: A talented product designer will join our team soon, with a keen eye on the user experience. It’s crucial that the smart products we are developing can be effectively used at their maximum potential by our users.

Q: Do you have some books/blogs to recommend to our readers?
DR: The last book I read is “The Beginning of Infinity” by David Deutsch. It’s not an easy book, but it’s the most future-positive book I ever read, really mind-opening. Also, I loved “Sapiens” by Yuval Harari, I think it was the best book I read in the last 10 years.Work-related: “Getting Things Done” by David Allen and “Extreme Ownership” by Jocko Willink helped me a lot to create a good framework to manage the activities

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