Jul 12, 2021

Meteomatics and Hive Power Agree Strategic Partnership: Bringing machine learning to more accurately predict energy consumption and generation.

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Meteomatics AG is a private weather business, making a rich database of weather information (>7 Petabytes) and weather insights available to users across the globe. Meteomatics provides incredible detail and accuracy with weather forecasts downscaled to 90 meters and up to 5 minutes temporal resolution, globally. All through an easy-to-use RESTful API endpoint.Providing downscaled forecasts at 90-meter resolution and up to 5-minute temporal resolution for anywhere on the planet, were very important reasons why Hive Power chose to switch to Meteomatics.[caption id="attachment_8463" align="aligncenter" width="940"]

smart city

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay[/caption]Hive Power is a smart grid analytics company with a strong focus on creating innovative solutions to improve grid operations for energy suppliers and grid operators through data-driven artificial intelligence. One of their innovations is the Hive Power Forecaster which computes stochastic energy forecasts to simplify how energy retailers and grid operators manage the aggregated energy production and consumption.

“We were looking for a one-stop-shop that could provide us with up to date and detailed weather data covering Europe, which needed to be conveniently available via a RESTful API. Hence why we were very excited about partnering with Meteomatics, and the commercial possibilities Meteomatics’ API could generate for Hive Power. We took quite some time to evaluate several numerical weather prediction providers. It was not an easy choice because of our demanding list of criteria, but Meteomatics checked all the boxes and exceeded our expectations. We were after a provider that covered the whole world, with a focus on Europe and especially the Alps, which are a challenging region when it comes to high-resolution weather forecasting. It was clear from our own forecast benchmarking exercise that Meteomatics was the most accurate weather forecaster, particularly over the short term. We were pleased to discover the rich plethora of standard and advanced weather parameters that Meteomatics’ API offers. Moreover, Meteomatics was one of the few providers that easily allowed the retrieval of archived historical weather forecasts, which are of critical importance to correctly train our machine learning models. We are thrilled to have switched to Meteomatics as our weather data provider of choice, and we foresee a long and fruitful partnership with them.’’, said Gianluca Corbellini Managing Director at Hive Power.

Meteomatics Weather API allows Hive Power to inform and enrich their proprietary energy consumption and production forecasting models. Powered by the latest and most advanced machine learning techniques, Hive Power’s Forecaster computes short-term probabilistic predictions to simplify how energy retailers and grid operators manage the aggregated energy production and consumption. Accurate energy predictions are crucial for effective peak-shaving, performant energy trading, robust grid stability and avoidance of congestions.Meteomatics unique approach to forecast downscaling allows Meteomatics’ API to resolve the challenges local topography can bring to weather, enabling Meteomatics to achieve a very high degree of forecast accuracy. Plus, the breadth of Meteomatics’ weather database covering all forecast timescales: historical data (from 1979), nowcasts, forecasts, probabilistic and seasonal, allows agricultural businesses to improve operational efficiencies and forecast yields.

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