Flexo Energy Aggregation
Flexo Module

Energy Aggregation

Unlock the full potential of distributed energy resources for a flexible, sustainable grid.


Orchestrate diverse assets

Connect almost everything. From appliances to EVs and static batteries with varying communication protocols and capabilities.

User friendly

White-label web and mobile apps allow you to keep tabs on things and allocate flexibility to your upcoming contracts while giving end-users information and control over their devices.

Manage dynamic fluctuations in device availability.

Devices become unavailable at the point of activation, it's a risk. Flexo builds in a large redundancy to help avoid falling short on your flexibility demand.

Adapt to regulatory and market structures.

Orchestrate flexiblity across different grid operators, market regions, countries or continents,

Flexo regulatory localisation

Let nothing go to waste

Flexo's multi-objective algorithms automatically trade energy markets, optimise peak shaving and local/community self consumption with surplus flexibility.

A designed experience
Our white-label end-user apps and admin platform.

Launch with your own brand in ready-to-go apps or integrate our APIs seamlessly into your own apps and systems.

How it works - Flexo module
How it works - step 1How it works - step 2How it works - step 3How it works - step 4
Flexo Integration


Setup, configure and connect devices.

Bid for ancillary contracts

Calculate available flexibility and allocate for upcoming contract tenders, both potential and confirmed.

Fulfil ancillary contracts

Flexo receives activation signals for demand response and orchestrates load profiles across distributed devices.

Flexo smart algorithms for optimising energy flexibility

Automatised optimisation

Surplus flexibility is prioritised for market trading, peak shaving as well as local site and energy community optimisation.

Highlighted features
A selection of what Flexo's energy community module can achieve.
White-label apps
White-label apps
Your branding across ready-to-deploy mobile and web apps, designed to increase customer engagement.
Manage static and mobile devices
No matter where a device connects to the grid, use it to aggregate flexibility.
360 support
Need support? We have your back, with comprehensive documentation and technical support.
Cloud based SAAS for energy flexibility, energy communities, local optimisation, smart charging and energy aggregation
Got your own established apps and systems? Integrate Flexo directly with our comprehensive APIs.
Battery energy storage
Battery health protections
You are in control of your EV's battery usage for smart charging. By default our thresholds adhere to industry standard guidelines.
Targeted. Flexo seamless UX
Seamless UX
Our products are designed to be user centric, whether it is administrative users managing our platforms or end-users checking in on their energy and earnings.
Reserve flexibility
Bidding on multiple contracts? Allocate flexibility over a given period knowing you will always be able to fulfil a bid.
Flexo is hardware agnostic
Hardware agnostic
No matter what your hardware is, Flexo can connect via IoT platforms or direct to some manufacturer APIs.
Flexo is powered by artificial intelligence
Powered by AI
Our machine learning algorithms analyse a vast array of data with great accuracy.
Automated activation
As soon as Flexo receives an activation request, devices are automatically orchestrated according to the required load ramps and power needs.
SAAS continuous agile updates
Continuous updates
We are agile, so we are constantly keeping our product maintained, evolving based on user feedback and our customers' needs.
Localised and multi-regulatory
Flexo adapts to many localisations, regulatory frameworks and protocols.
Big brands trust us to deliver
We work with some great players on energy aggregation.
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Customer Insights
Aggregating EVs, wherever they connect
Making use of a fleet of EVs for grid ancillary serivces, whether they connect at home, at the office or beyond.
Customer stories


What is energy aggregation?

Energy aggregation is the process of combining the energy consumption or production of multiple individuals or entities into a single, larger group. This consolidation allows for more efficient management of energy resources, often resulting in cost savings, better access to renewable energy sources, and improved energy sustainability. Energy aggregation can be applied to various sectors, including residential, commercial, and industrial, to leverage collective bargaining power and optimize energy-related decisions.

Why the Flexo energy aggregation?

Flexo facilitates energy aggregation for its cost-saving benefits, renewable energy access, demand response participation, energy efficiency gains, and support for decentralised energy systems. It enhances grid resilience, empowers energy communities, and orchestrates distributed devices for more efficient and sustainable energy usage.

Who is Flexo energy aggregation for?

Whether in the energy sector or automotive, if you are looking to aggregate distributed devices to offer grid ancillary services, Flexo is for you.

Explore Flexo's modules

See what Flexo can do, beyond energy aggregation.

Want to learn more?

Speak with one of the team and we'll be happy to guide you Flexo.

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