REEFLEX envisions a future where SMEs and start-ups flourish in demand-side flexibility markets, enhancing energy consumer participation.

REEFLEX: REplicable, interoperable, cross-sector solutions and Energy services for demand side FLEXibility markets

In a world transitioning towards sustainable energy solutions, the concept of demand-side flexibility (DSF) is gaining prominence. The ability to adjust energy consumption patterns in response to market signals offers numerous benefits, from optimising energy resources to reducing costs and promoting grid stability. The REEFLEX project, a pioneering initiative funded by the European Union, aims to harness the potential of DSF by developing cutting-edge solutions and services that empower energy consumers and drive cross-sector collaboration. Hive Power is a contributor to this transformative endeavour. Our technical support is instrumental in realising the Swiss pilot through our innovative FLEXO software.

The REEFLEX Vision: A Glimpse into the Future of Energy

At its core, the REEFLEX project envisions creating niches of opportunities for SMEs and start-ups to flourish in the demand-side flexibility markets. By enhancing the participation of energy consumers in these markets, the project aims to not only optimise energy consumption but also pave the way for innovative cross-sector energy services. To achieve this, REEFLEX is developing a central interoperability platform and a service catalogue that maximises the flexibility of distributed energy resources. This platform considers diverse end-user profiles, respecting their unique needs and the constraints of existing infrastructure.

Furthermore, the project seeks to establish a standard operational market model fueled by AI-driven intelligence and automation systems. These technologies, combined with distributed ledger systems, enhance transparency and trust, subsequently lowering market entry barriers and costs. As a result, more energy consumers can actively engage in DSF markets, benefitting from novel revenue streams derived from data and flexibility transactions. This innovative approach promises personalised, data-driven services that empower consumers to intelligently manage their assets within the realm of demand response or self-consumption.

Demonstration and Cross-Testing: Making the Vision a Reality

To showcase the efficacy of REEFLEX solutions, the project is undertaking demonstrations and cross-testing across four main demonstrators in Spain, Greece, Switzerland, and Bulgaria. These diverse scenarios allow the evaluation of the solutions' impact under various circumstances, incorporating sectors like residential buildings, mobility, commercial establishments, industrial sites, and data centres. The comprehensive services catalogue will also be replicated in additional locations, including Turkey, Portugal, and Denmark, resulting in a total of 7 demo sites throughout the project.

These demonstrations are structured around eight distinct use cases, encompassing a wide range of consumer groups participating in up to 12 demand-side flexibility services. Through these cross-tested demonstrators, REEFLEX aims to ensure interoperability while catering to the unique energy landscapes of different countries.

Hive Power's Key Role in REEFLEX: FLEXO Software Pioneering Swiss Pilot

Among the project's contributors, Hive Power is a significant player driving innovation. As a Swiss Software as a Service (SaaS) company, Hive Power specialises in optimising flexibility assets, energy communities, smart charging, and vehicle-to-grid solutions. Our flagship software, FLEXO, is a crucial element in the Swiss pilot of the REEFLEX project.

Hive Power's technical support is centred around the deployment of FLEXO, which integrates advanced algorithms for microgrid management and standardisation. These algorithms are pivotal in optimising energy consumption and distribution within microgrids, enhancing overall grid stability. Additionally, FLEXO incorporates prediction tools for assessing flexibility needs and defining peer-to-peer (P2P) mechanisms for energy exchanges between prosumers, facilitating seamless energy transactions.

By collaborating with Hive Power and integrating FLEXO, the Swiss pilot of the REEFLEX project gains a robust technological foundation. This collaboration exemplifies the project's mission to develop groundbreaking solutions and leverage innovative partners' expertise to drive real-world impact.

Concluding Thoughts: Transforming Energy Consumption Paradigms

The REEFLEX project embodies a paradigm shift in energy consumption dynamics. By emphasising demand-side flexibility and fostering cross-sector collaboration, it aims to revolutionise how energy is generated, distributed, and consumed. With Hive Power's technical support through their FLEXO software, the Swiss pilot of the project gains a powerful tool that optimises microgrid management and empowers energy consumers.

As the energy landscape evolves, initiatives like REEFLEX underscore the potential for technological innovation to drive sustainable change. The project paves the way for a more resilient, efficient, and consumer-centric energy future by harnessing the collective expertise of stakeholders and partners.

REEFLEX Project Site

This work has received funding from the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI)

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